What You'll Learn

Branding does the heavy lifting

  • Learn Why Things Are Broken

    Ever ask yourself why client trust has eroded so much? The internet has changed everything about the practice of medicine. The good news is, there's a way to repair the relationship.

  • Rediscover Your Purpose

    Learn how you need to position yourself to succeed. Create messaging that communicates your value and piques the interest of the clients you want the most.

  • Build Better Relationships

    See how effective branding can transform the way clients see you on your website, social media, and even on review sites. This is how brand evangelists are born!

  • Bonus: Storytelling Toolkits

    My Blog in a Box and Visual Storytelling Toolkit workshops are based on ten years of content creation experience. Up until now they have only been available as live conference workshops. They're my special bonus gift to you!

Who Needs This Course

What are the top signs you're ready for this branding course?

  • You're sick of people believing bloggers over you

  • You know exactly who your ideal clients are and could use more like them

  • You know your strong points but the thought of turning that into web copy, social media posts, or brochures is way too overwhelming

Find Clients That Make You Happy

In a world where every site says the same thing, stand out. Be the vet that makes them say, "Finally someone gets me!"

I'm Ready

The Six Week Turnaround

A Month and a Half to a Brighter Brand

  • Chapter 1: Foundations

    Learn why the internet has fundamentally changed the doctor-patient relationship, and why branding is key to understanding how to fix it.

  • Chapter 2: Know Your Role

    Why do clients come to you? If you answered, "to fix their pets," this course will change how you practice. It's so much more than that.

  • Chapter 3: Mindmeld Messaging

    How do you take these ideas and concepts and turn them into specific phrases that connect with clients?

  • Chapter 4: The Call to Action

    What do you want clients to do? What happens between that first call and that walk out the door after a successful appointment?

  • Chapter 5: The People Behind Your Brand

    Brand is more than messaging- it's everything you do. How do clinic employees, your clients, and even the general public define your brand?

  • Chapter 6: Beyond Words

    Taking brand past your web content and into the wild is a big task. We'll cover how to use photo and video, do's and don'ts of social media, and yes, how to handle reviews.

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It's All About Vets

I've seen what big companies that charge thousands of dollars do for clinics. Generic stuff that misses the mark. I'm a vet just like you, so I know how you think: I'll do it myself.

Your Guide

Restoring trust one client and doctor at a time.

Director of Pawcurious Media LLC

Jessica Vogelsang, DVM

Dr. Vogelsang has spent the last ten years building relationships with the world through her website, pawcurious.com. In that time, she's authored hundreds of articles for industry and public publications, appeared on multiple shows including NatGeo's Animals Gone Wild, and published a bestselling memoir, All Dogs Go to Kevin. She is the founding editorial director of DrAndyRoark.com and helped position and launch the Uncharted Veterinary Conference brand. She is an international lecturer and has spoken at AVMA, VMX, Hills Global Symposium, just to name a few. And now, she's ready to help you.